Where are you now, oh torturers of nations? (англійською)

Where are you now, oh torturers of nations?
Where is your Majesty; your power — where’s it gone?
You will no longer have the quiet, sacred places
To lay unholy waste upon.

My nation grows, expands, is acting,
Without your whips, without your scorn.
It will outlive all those whose fortitude was lacking,
All those whom evil hordes had borne.

My nation is! My nation lives eternally!
And no one will destroy my nation’s life!
It constantly grows young internallyy
Its soul with tenderness and fury rife.

You! Bastard sons of torturers satanic!
Forget this not, you harvest of the mud:
My nation is, its vibrance is Titanic,
My nation’s veins still throb with Kozak blood!

Перекладач: Andriy M. Freishyn-Chirovsky
Оригінал: Де зараз ви, кати мого народу? (ще не додано)
Мова: english

8 років ago

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