The edges of thought (27.09.1962)


Today V. appeared for a moment, passing through Cherkasy. I first met him in 1958. I think it was in September, because the next day we sat in the little room he’d rented on Kalinin Square, and regaled on grapes. We almost befriended each other, but then — separation. He completely forgot about that meeting in four years time. I didn’t. He already made a deep and lasting impression on me then. I believed in him from our first acquaintance, and, I think, I was not mistaken.
Be damned, good-for-nothing money! You’ve made me a slave of the newspaper, and I couldn’t go to Kaniv with Mykola. I haven’t had such a loss for a long time, because, to tell the truth, there was no one to lose.

Перекладач: Andriy M. Freishyn-Chirovsky
Оригінал: Окрайці думок (27.09.1962)
Мова: english

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