I flee from myself… (англійською)

I flee from myself
from pain and from exhaustion.
From the noisy cities full of eyes.
I go alone into the white fern of dreams.
I renounce all
and shy away from everything.
1 want to be nothing for a while.

I am tired of my own nonsense
Killed by my own self-importance,
I flee from myself
into the white fern of dreams.

In dreams, gentle tigers will kiss my lips.
Charming leopards will undress
And give me their skins as gifts.
I’ll take them and forget everything in the world:
I’ll become a pleasant pleasing dream.

How nice that I am a dream,
How awful the knowledge of awakening,
How miserable the fact that the white fern will turn.

Перекладач: M. Bohachevsky-Chomiak
Оригінал: Я тікаю від себе, від муки і втоми…
Мова: english

7 років ago

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