I (англійською)

He looked at me as if I had no worth.
I saw his eyes were empty when he finally withdrew —
“Why do you see yourself the center of the earth?
There are many millions just like you.”

He was gruff and angry — that I could see.
His wrathful face would twist and swell;
And if he could, he’d have crucified me,
Because I respected myself.

But my pride didn’t want to kneel,
Every minute stretched long before it was done;
There are millions like me, but I feel,
That I will always be ONE.

For everyone has his own style,
Not everyone can be coerced.
WE — isn’t many standard I’S —
Ifs many different worlds.

WE — is the bosom of nations, of billions,
WE — is the clan that all persons comprise.
And only he will get respect from millions
Who can respect a million I’S.

Перекладач: Andriy M. Freishyn-Chirovsky
Оригінал: Я
Мова: english

8 років ago

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