Choir of the elders from the poem “Fiction” (англійською)

“We are civilized
and want to civilize others”
T. Shevchenko

Our kind is wise from birth,
We know everything since we acquired status’ girth.
Our lucky ancestor, the chimpanzee
Looks at us in awe and glee.

He’ll go on rocking in the tropics
While we elucidate the topics
Important for everyone else.
We’ll instruct the world in the rudiments
Of sailing in ink wells.

We have so many scientists and persons erudite,
That we limit the paper and ink supplies,
Since violent volcanoes vibrate with thrills
The spines of high paper hills.

We know everything and everything is known to us.
Want the prognosis for tomorrow? Simply ask us
As the flames are fed by dry reddish straw,
So wisdom in us has its constant flow.

We’ll raise, we’ll add, we’ll go,
We’ll scale the heights just so.
We’ll manufacture so many truths,
That you’ll shut up for good.

Why do you stumble as drunks through life, why do you lurch?
Why do you seek, when everything is found?
When beaten paths lead from your foggy search
To our suns, which do indeed astound?

For ages now, no one has even heard of woe,
Stupidity, sorrow and hurt.
But still we worry in our wisdom:

Would everything remain the same
If suddenly our paper mounds
Were touched by a spark of flame?

Перекладач: M. Bohachevsky-Chomiak
Оригінал: Хор старійшин з поеми “Фікція” (пізніше увійшов у Казку про Дурила)
Мова: english

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