About poetry (англійською)

Мова перекладу: english.
Перекладач: Влада Новикова.

They say, you should know how to rhyme
And have language skills to be a poet.
Inspiration and talent will finish your try
And words will sing songs in a moment.

Yes, everything is true, but as I think indeed
That not in this the power we can find
To light the heart on days of need
To rouse the love and hate on mind.

Cause rhyme, sprung up in suffer during month or night
Will neither burn nor light the heart.
No, other power, invincible and wild,
Waters it with strong emotions not apart.

No, the other power so well cures.
The words are full of greatest meaning.
Because with it the world’s in bloom and youth,
Through mist and blizzard light is springing.

Eva UA
6 років ago

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